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10 Things I Thought About “Buried”

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In which I expand upon incoherent livetweets and deliver my thoughts on last night’s insane episode of Breaking Bad. You probably shouldn’t read this article if you haven’t watched the ep, so I’m putting it under a read more.

1. “breaking bad more like breaking my ability to function”
Lots of things break in Breaking Bad, and one of those things seems to be Jesse Pinkman, whose face conveys complete brokenness (congratulations Aaron Paul, you’re really great). Even without speaking in this episode, it’s pretty apparent that Jesse’s spirit is waning.
The episode opens with an old guy finding the stacks dirty money that Jesse threw out his car window while driving around at the end of “Blood Money”. We then see Jesse, whose face reflects the despair and hopelessness of the situation that Walter White & Co. (but mostly Walt) have created.

There are so many emotions on this show I can barely function–within a minute of watching an episode I’m feeling too much.

2. “I cANT hANDLE this GOD DAMN shOW”
The tension between Hank and Walt is cripplingly intense, like everything else on this show. With a toy car whizzing around the cul-de-sac in the background, Walt speeds off and tries to call Skyler about the quickly escalating situation, only to find that someone else has gotten to her first. ..

3. “the tears the tears they are rolling down my face already”
Hank embraces Skyler with a creepy Walter White “I forgive you”-esque hug, and the two sit down for an extremely nerve-wracking conversation about Walter White. Hank is visibly chomping at the bit to get at Walt, and, as Skyler says, seems more than willing to get him “at all costs”. This scene was just 2much4me2handle, and produced actual tears as Skyler screamed “AM I UNDER ARREST?”

First of all, Skyler White is a goddess/the queen of everything, and I am forever baffled by the existence of people who don’t like her, or even openly hate on her. Not only is Anna Gunn flawless and more than deserving of all the awards, but Skyler’s strength, selflessness, and capacity for love in spite of all the shit she puts up with never fail to astonish me. This scene? Heartbreaking, with more heartbreaking scenes to come.

4. “I’ll send yOU to Belize”
Sometimes this show is incredibly funny, thanks to A++ writing. I think my favorite part out of last night’s ep was Walt muttering “Send him to Belize? I’ll send YOU to Belize” to Saul during their conversation on what to do about the Hank Situation, which has been quickly spiraling out of control since that fateful moment on the toilet.

Another thing about this scene with Hank that I found funny was Walt’s falsely saint-like protestation “Hank is FAMILY” in response to Saul’s thinly veiled suggestion for Walt to off his brother-in-law–which Walt won’t do because he’s “family”. I got a chuckle out of that given all the things that Walt has done and been responsible for. Including sending Mike on a trip to Belize (MIIIIKE), which just kills me. Or sends me to Belize har har.

Hank and Marie head over to the White residence, ready for a confrontation, and a confrontation is what happens. “DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?” I asked myself, mouth agape after Marie slaps Skyler across the face.

6. “everything is happening too much”
The scene where Marie and Skyler grapple over Baby Holly had me openly sobbing. Just wow. “everything is happening too much” is a tweet that I think pretty much sums up this entire episode. And also the entire series.
The last couple of minutes of “Crawl Space” are basically how this entire episode made me feel. This show gives me chest pains. I have a feeling that the end of this series is going to be “End Times” and “Face Off” x92398472394, because that’s already how I feel.

8. “wow Walt is a fuckin babe look at this bitch damn”
I’m not sure that this really needs to be expanded upon but basically yeah Bryan Cranston is a megababe, even though Walt kind of sucks a lot. Not sure why I felt compelled to include this, but it feels right so I’m just going to go with it.

9. “skyler white actual angel”
Haters to the left, Skyler White is the best. And can’t remember the last time she was happy :””(

Jesse Pinkman is completely heartbreaking and makes me so frownyface these days. While watching “Blood Money” I tweeted that I just want to cuddle him and play video games with him and I don’t even like video games. I feel that way x500 now. Poor Jesse and his blank stare. He breaks my heart without even saying words.
So what is going to happen next?! WE JUST DON’T KNOW.


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