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10 Crazy Good Film Scores

The right soundtrack can really make a movie/make you cry/make your heart explode. Here are ten soundtracks (in no particular order) that blow me away:

The Hours Philip Glass
My favorite tracks: “Dead Things”, “The Hours”, “Why Does Someone Have to Die”

The Thin Red Line Hans Zimmer
My favorite tracks: “Journey to the Line”, “Light”, “Silence”

There Will Be Blood Jonny Greenwood
My favorite tracks: “Open Spaces”, “HW/Hope of New Fields”, “Prospectors Quartet”

Atonement Dario Marianelli
My favorite tracks: “Briony”, “Elegy for Dunkirk”, “The Cottage on the Beach”

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Ennio Morricone
My favorite tracks: “L’Estasi Dell’oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)”, “Il Triello”

The Godfather (trilogy) Nino Rota
My favorite tracks: “The Godfather – Waltz”, “Love Theme from the Godfather”, “Kay”, “The Godfather Part II End Titles”

Out Of Africa John Barry
My favorite tracks: “I Had a Farm in Africa (Main Title)”, “End Title”

The Master Jonny Greenwood
My favorite tracks: “Overtones”, “Application 45 Version 1”, “The Sweetness of Freddie”

The Lord of the Rings (trilogy) Howard Shore
My favorite tracks: “Concerning Hobbits”, “The Ring Goes South”, “Lothlorien”, “The Breaking of the Fellowship”, “Samwise the Brave”, “The Return of the King”, “The Grey Havens”

The Last Temptation of Christ Peter Gabriel
My favorite tracks: “The Feeling Begins”, “With This Love”, “Passion”, “It Is Accomplished”

Check out this mix I made on 8tracks with selections from all of these fine scores!